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Latest NewsMar 3, 2021

In Say Magazine’s February 2021 Education Guide, IISB’s story of working with RIIPEN is featured.

“At the IISB, one of SAY Magazine’s long-time partners, educating others on Indigenous perspectives and knowledge is what they do. Building relationships with clients so their speakers can go forward in an honoured way is their business. IISB champions build bridges of understanding and help make positive change in their clients’ current practices, policies and mindsets.

Riipen has taken “Making Education Work for You” to a new level in working with IISB, building stronger ties with the education system. IISB not only achieved their goals of educating future leaders, but they transformed their business and the lives of their staff in the process.”


Latest NewsOct 30, 2020

IBM is rewriting normal & IISB's Neurodiversity expert Jolene Stockman is helping them to get there!

“Neurodiversity is a superpower,” says Jolene, and “Autism friendly is actually Human friendly”.


Latest NewsSep 30, 2020

Joseph Naytowhow speaks on Residential Schools: My truth is Your truth. We are All in this together.

IISB Speaker Joseph Naytowhow speaks with Lululemon to educate on the significance of Orange Shirt Day in Canada elevating our understanding with his experience in Residential School.


Latest NewsSep 17, 2020

Dr Keolu Fox - Widening the Lens on Genetics

Dr Keolu Fox, featured in the New England Journal of Medicine highlights how Indigenous people hold the answers to many genetic questions.


Latest NewsMar 10, 2020

A Rare View into the World of Autism with Jolene Stockman

Say Magazine featured our very own Jolene Stockman in their 100th Issue on Global Indigeneity (Issue 100, 2019). Their article was titled: A Rare View into the World of Autism with Jolene Stockman
Check out the article on Say Magazine's Site:






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