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Engineering and Science

Jace MeyerShift Disturber + Indigenous Engagement Strategist + Pathmaker

Founder and CEO of COYA Productions and a DMZ Women of the Year, Jace Meyer is a Métis Entrepreneur dedicated to empowering youth and Indigenous peoples. As a national Indigenous leader, changemaker, and bridge builder, Jace’s mission is to create powerful spaces for self-determination and self-actualization–to feel belonging without bounds. Through her work as an Indigenous educator and businesswoman, Jace vocalizes the need to Indigenize everyday life for the betterment of the world and for future generations.


Jaris SwidrovichPharmacist + Health Care + Educator + Two-Spirit

CIHR funding recipient, National Pharmacy Leadership Award winner and named one of CBC Saskatchewan’s "Future 40", Dr. Jaris Swidrovich is Canada's first self-identified First Nations Doctor of Pharmacy. Professor, Mentor, and Community leader, Swidrovich brings his experience of bridging organizational needs with Health Care mandates. Jaris is a Two Spirit Champion passionate about health, education, and how Indigenous and marginalized people are impacted at all levels. He integrates personal stories to explain complex issues which resonate with listeners of all ages. His powerful presentations illustrate how we can all be part of the cure and partake in the TRC’s Calls to Action.


John HerringtonMentor + Naval Aviator + Astronaut + Educator

Featured on the International Air and Space Hall of Fame and the National Native American Hall of Fame, John Herrington’s road to success was carved out of the trials and tribulations of his early life. A meritorious Naval Aviator who later became the first Indigenous person to venture into space, Herrington is an expert at transforming audiences—inspiring them to find the perseverance, “ancestral purpose”, and resilience required to overcome any obstacle.

Keolu FoxGeneticist + Researcher + Surfer

Featured on the BBC, CBC, NPR, The Atlantic, Forbes, Wired and more, TED Fellow, Dr. Keolu Fox has garnered international attention, for his breakthrough idea that 'Genetics needs to be more Native'. With over 95% of genetic research and trials being conducting on only people of European descent, we are missing out. Our genetic ancestry plays a huge role in what diseases we get and what ones we don’t. Dr. Fox proves that genetic studies should include all demographics.

Kilma LattinDigital Futurist + Military Veteran + STEM Leadership + Indigenous Technologist

Kilma Lattin, the Founder/CEO of, is an award-winning Executive Producer, whose work, Defending The Homeland won a daytime regional Emmy award. Kilma is also the recipient of the prestigious Soldier’s Medal for Valor, a successful commercial pilot who flies helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, and an award-winning leader in STEM/STEAM. Leading the way in Indigenous Data Sovereignty, Kilma is a futurist, enriching modern technologies by merging Indigenous knowledge, language, stories, and histories into Extended Realities and Immersive Technologies.

Stephanie SeymourReconciliation + Natural Resources + Government Relations

What if we could solve our energy needs using a scientific and holistic approach to resources? This is the question that 'Fueled the Fire Within' for Stephanie Seymour and motivated her PhD studies at Lakehead University. Stephanie Seymour is raising the consciousness of cleaner energy possibilities for industry and individuals alike. Helping us to see the forest through the trees, Stephanie builds bridges between communities and industry. Explore what a world of renewable energy sources really looks like.

Tracy PrimeauIndigenous Leadership + Environmental Advocacy + Empowering Women in STEM

Recipient of the Women of Distinction Award presented on IWD by the Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey, and the Canadian Nuclear Society Education and Communication Award in 2020, Tracy Primeau is shaping the energy sector of the future. Providing thought-provoking and open hearted approaches to navigating male-dominated industries, she inspires individuals to bring their authentic selves to the workplace and create a more inclusive world. In challenging audiences to think beyond the existing limitations of the energy industry, Tracy helps explore and expand the possibilities of what can be achieved with sustainable and renewable resources.

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Want more results? Find a speaker near you!