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About IISB

The International Indigenous Speakers Bureau-IISB is about creating opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to connect, and build bridges, by providing access to a wealth of Indigenous Speakers around the world. 

IISB is about opening doors for talented, experienced or emerging Indigenous Speakers, and Knowledge Carriers, by helping them share their unique perspectives, solutions, and world views around the globe.  At the same time, IISB works to empower the Speakers experience and ensure their talents are honoured appropriately.

At the International Indigenous Speakers Bureau, we believe that building bridges is possible, and that through education and understanding we will create prosperous pathways for all our future generations.   

IISB turns to the United Nations for insight into the term “Indigenous”.  The UN states that although the term is generic, in various countries there are many ways to describe the “indigenous” people of that place, including tribes, first peoples/nations, aboriginals, ethnic groups, adivasi, janajati. 


Inspire. Empower. Uplift.


To help Indigenous speakers and knowledge carriers share their gifts on a global stage, give audiences an opportunity to access the wealth of indigenous knowledge and perspectives, and bring together a world of unlimited possibilities.


  • Represent Indigenous speakers by negotiating fair value agreements;
  • Create a strong presence of Indigenous speakers on-line;
  • Build bridges between cultures;
  • Improve the financial sustainability of Indigenous speakers;
  • Help emerging speakers find their voice;


  • Relationship building 
  • Positive and inspiring messages
  • Honour and Respect

Our objectives are quite simple:

  • Create a safe and respectful platform for indigenous and non-indigenous people to come together and learn from one another;
  • Promote Indigenous speakers on a world stage; 
  • Empower our Indigenous people to value their gifts and talents;
  • Assist the development of emerging speakers;
  • Ensure Indigenous speakers are seen, heard and valued around the globe.

We come from the world of story-tellers and we understand the power of the spoken word.  Stories can heal, inspire and transform lives.


Featured Speakers