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  • Representing Today's Indigenous Champions

    International Indigenous Speakers Bureau

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    Featured Speakers


    Ngahihi BidoisBusiness Leadership + Environment + Inspiration

    Multi-award winning International Leadership Speaker and Author, Ngahihi o te ra Bidois is kno...


    Michelle ThrushCaring + Creative + Inspiring

    Gemini Award winning Actress, and multi-award nominee, including Best Lead Actress and Best Ac...


    Jaris SwidrovichPharmacist + Health Care + Educator

    Swidrovich is Canada's first and only First Nations Doctor of Pharmacy. Lecturer, Mentor, Comm...


    Eddy RobinsonEducator + Dancer + Drummer

    Featured in CBC’s Moccassins & Concrete documentary and having performed with the li...

    Recent News

    IBM is rewriting normal & IISB's Neurodiversity expert Jolene Stockman is helping them to get there!

    “Neurodiversity is a superpower,” says Jolene, and “Autism friendly is actually Human friendly”.

    Joseph Naytowhow speaks on Residential Schools: My truth is Your truth. We are All in this together.

    IISB Speaker Joseph Naytowhow speaks with Lululemon to educate on the significance of Orange Shirt Day in Canada elevating our understanding with his experience in Residential School.

    Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

    CCAB was founded in 1984 by a group of visionary business and community leaders.

    Featured Speakers