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Latest NewsOct 30, 2020

IBM is rewriting normal & IISB's Neurodiversity expert Jolene Stockman is helping them to get there!

This proud New Zealand Maori Woman, with her infectious enthusiasm, is revolutionizing perceptions and rewriting normal.  Award-winning author and an internationally recognized TEDx speaker, Jolene Stockman doesn’t believe in deficit-based thinking. Diagnosed as an adult with Autism, she says she escaped the disadvantages of having a label growing up, but also tells you, that she also missed out on the advantages of the diagnosis.  “Neurodiversity is a superpower,” says Jolene, and “Autism friendly is actually Human friendly”. The oversensitivity’s of a person with autism is not a disability but rather a super ability. The autistic brain can see and feel things that a neurotypical brains cannot. This gives autistic people the ability to unlock a new world of potential and possibilities. Stockman shared her story and expertise with IBM’s team globally, helping them to move from Binary to Spectrum and teaching them how to engage with this world of potential. 

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